Me. Just me.

And no one else.

Hello my favourite people.

Before I get to the point and introduce the vision of my blog, I first want to introduce myself – just how it is supposed to be. It is essential for me that my words – as long as they are sufficiently strung together – are no lifeless sleeves which bounce off you, but always stand firm and with every amount of liveliness & love, authentically penetrate into your prefrontal cortex.

Here are some facts about me:

🙋‍♂️ Julian

🎂 14.10.1992

🌍 Vorarlberg (at Bodensee, Austria)

💍 19.07.2013

👨‍👧‍👦 Two kids (2013 & 2014)

🏡 We moved to our new house in December 19

🐾 A Maltese dog named Wolki

🍽️ I love to cook and eat

🥚 I have an egg allergy

🤧 Hay fever

🛠️ I have two left hands

💵 You cannot buy health with money

📝 I am incredibly fond of writing

📺 Money Heist, Sherlock, The Mentalist…

🎵 A bit of everything across all genres, I also quite like to listen to something to help with deep thought

🎁 I like honest gifts and not ‘at least I have bought something’ presents

🏖️ A summer without the sea is impossible

⛈️ I really like it when the thunder cracks

☕ Obsessed with coffee

😴 I enjoy sleeping in when it’s possible

🧦 With socks, falling asleep is impossible

⛰️ The mountains are a source of energy for me

🌳 I am deeply connected with nature

®️ I do not change, even if society expects it

⚖️ Sometimes I struggle with my weight

💯 Occasionally I am a perfectionist

Einfach ich mit Wolki
ich am Meer

Let’s just love each other

We don’t do it enough anyway

I want to create a place for every one of us, a digital comfort zone where no superficial communication takes place. A new favourite spot which represents openness, respect & love and connects all of us.

For ME, for YOU, for US!

A short “hello” or an honest “How are you?” out on the street is getting very rare. Instead many rather present their well-lit private parts in front of the camera and send it out to the virtual world as a greeting with the aim to, ehmm what aim? I doubt that real world greetings (yes, they exist) regularly take place because most people don’t have the balls!

We continuously distance ourselves from our self and forget what life is really about. It is not something of a materialistic matter that pushes our ego. The key is very well hidden behind our masks, in a chest, concealed from our true self. We shouldn’t be mannequins that play along with the poisonous society and follow their made-up rules. Each of us has to carry a package that is waiting to be jointly unwrapped by ourselves. Let’s just give more love to each other and stand proud in the middle of our lives, instead of letting it pass like fog.

Let’s reach out our hands and follow the path of life together, full of vibrant colours, removing the black and white filter.

Yours Julian








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