the lonely bench

The Lonely Bench

I feel the warm sun rays, which from time to time fight their way through the narrow growing trees to me. I admire the strength of the hot star while I walk through the forest after a long, tiring workday. Throughout, I try to sort and direct the thoughts in my head, which is full of work and private stuff. Somehow, it does not really work the way I imagined it today. The everyday chaos in my brain is apparently already quite big (maybe too big ). Therefore, it overtakes every attempt to bring order into my universe.

Stubbornly I try to find another tactic to combat myself and almost oversee a lonely bench in the middle of the forest.

The bench is a little bit hidden and away from the foot path, in the middle of the forest, in between two big pine trees. It looks very lonely to me. One could think that the plants, which are randomly wrapped around the bench, are just about to devour it. The high grass in the close surroundings point at the fact that there has not been a human soul caring for this lonely bench. What I see there in front of me is not just a sitting opportunity, no, it is my reflection.

Life is swallowing me and barely giving me air to breathe. I haven’t had an honest and serious talk in a while as “at least I have asked, how are you?” is neither honest nor seriously meant. It is barely any better than saying nothing. In deep thoughts I almost forget to mention the positive, as it probably is a part of human nature to only focus on the negative.

Let go

One single sun ray in the radius of a few meters has made it through the thicket and illuminates the area with an enormous warmth. I don’t let the change disappear and start to walk, count on my own self, close my eyes and try to enjoy the last minutes together with the sun.

The reddish warm light, which I can still sense through my closed eyes, slowly passes and gets darker and darker. Without a sense of time – how long I dwelled on this bench – I get up and walk towards the path. I look back once more and with mixed feelings say farewell. While I again get into the boxing ring with my thoughts, I almost forgot something:

The lonely bench in the middle of the forest made me forget for a few minutes how hard life is and I could let go for a short moment. Let go of the problems and fears.


Often it is the trivial matters that make us switch off. Sometimes we find them but forget them again. I think that we have to perceive and appreciate these moments more. They are important in our lives and unconsciously, they give us the strength we need.

Yours Julian

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