an ordinary morning

An ordinary Morning

I keep looking towards the window, out into the world. Well, world is maybe a bit far-fetched and I realise that the fog creeps closer and closer to me. It definitely won’t get me. “God has to be a chain-smoker”, I think to myself and as I see the sun I add: “and a narcist as well. He only cares about himself. This asshole!” I watch the bright light which tries to fight its way through the thick passive smoke as well as the multi-layered clouds. Today is again an ordinary morning as usual.

As I shortly turn away to take a sip from my already cold coffee, close to spitting it out again, the light has disappeared. First, it was only blocked and now it’s been completely swallowed. It actually fits to my current day. Even though it is only a few hours old, it is already pissing me off. If what I saw yesterday in a documentary is really true, then everything is interconnected, and I try to send vibrations with the words “life sucks” to the hot star.

Humans are not born for work

I dedicate myself again to my coffee on which I am sucking on like a little baby. I stare at my egg-laying wool producing, milk giving sow (meaning multifunctional device). Four months ago, I stuck it under the monitor with the target to remind my boss that if you take the time into account, things are not feasible. With a deep in- and exhale I turn on my PC. I let my head sink to push the space bar with my nose. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”, I quietly whisper to myself as the left monitor lit up.

Right at the beginning, I tried to get a second one because otherwise I can’t work. However, I didn’t know that the dear IT department gives me one that is a completely different type which means that I can’t put both synchronously next to each other. It is already 10:01 and I try to think positively as I will only be in this modern prison until 12 pm. At the same time, however, I also became aware that I was only here for 2 hours and that I have to pass the same amount of time again. But this time in the spirit of the company I open my Outlook.


A completely ordinary morning can of course start like this and has done again and again. Though this is not due to the external circumstances, but to myself, to my attitude. Instead of seeing the positive, one tries to dig everything negative out of the holes. The fog passes quickly away; in the afternoon the sun comes out; I only work until noon and then finally, weekend; I’m just getting a new coffee; the two monitors are unique; …

I have tried it and it really works. If you think for 3 seconds about what you are looking forward this day when waking up, the day already starts completely different. One positive thought is 10 times stronger than a negative thought, just try it yourself. We can influence our lives. Of course, everyone has to do something for it, but the first step is to change one’s view and to transform the negative into the positive. Each and every one of us has this skill – to work with positive affirmations. You only have to train it a little and try to perceive it actively.

Start to give your life a change and alter it according to your wants and needs. Start your day with a smile and write your story. Then you are not only a part of life, but in the middle of it and it will be just a new ordinary morning.

Yours Julian


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